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NPR summer reading picks

Posted in general by Ellen Bard on June 4, 2010

 Three indie booksellers picked sixteen titles for NPR’s summer reading feature. One book that gets two picks and is the lead of the story, has already enjoyed a lot of advance attention from booksellers, The Lonely Polygamist.

Recommendations from Lucia Silva, the book buyer at Portrait of a Bookstore in Studio City, Calif.

  • Big Machine: A Novel, by Victor LaValle, paperback, 384 pages, Spiegel & Grau, list price: $15
  • Anthropology of an American Girl: A Novel, by Hilary Thayer Hamann, hardcover, 624 pages, Spiegel & Grau, list price: $26
  • Vanishing Point: Not a Memoir, by Ander Monson, paperback, 208 pages, Graywolf Press, list price: $16
  • Welcome to Utopia: Notes from a Small Town, by Karen Valby, hardcover, 256 pages, Spiegel & Grau, list price: $25
  • One More Theory About Happiness: A Memoir, by Paul Guest, hardcover, 208 pages, Ecco, list price: $21.99
  • My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge, by Paul Guest, paperback, 96 pages, Ecco, list price: $13.99

Recommendations from Daniel Goldin at Boswell Book Co. in Milwaukee.

  • Day for Night: A Novel, by Frederick Reiken, hardcover, 336 pages, Reagan Arthur Books, list price: $24.99
  • The Lonely Polygamist: A Novel, by Brady Udall, hardcover, 602 pages, W.W. Norton & Co., list price: $26.95
  • The Tortoise and the Hare, by Elizabeth Jenkins, paperback, 288 pages, Virago UK, list price: $15.95
  • Yarn: Remembering the Way Home, by Kyoko Mori, paperback, 240 pages, GemmaMedia, list price: $15.95
  • Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the Dawn of the Modern Woman, by Sam Wasson, hardcover, 256 pages, HarperStudio, list price: $19.99

Recommendations from Rona Brinlee at The BookMark in Atlantic Beach, Fla.


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