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To Infinity And Beyond

Posted in nonfiction by Ellen Bard on July 20, 2010

David Baker. Scientific American Inventions From Outer Space: Everyday Uses For NASA Technology. (2000)

Piers Bizony. The Man Who Ran The Moon: James E. Webb And The Secret History Of Project Apollo. (2006)

Piers Bizony. How to build your own spaceship : the science of personal space travel (2009)

Chris Gainor. To A Distant Day: The Rocket Pioneers. (2008)

David A Hardy. 50 Years In Space: What We Thought Then – What We Know Now. (2006)

Christopher C. Kraft. Flight: My Life In Mission Control. (2001)

Stephanie Nolen. Promised The Moon: The Untold Story Of The First Women In The Space Race. (2003)

David Owen. Into Outer Space. (2000)

Dave Prochnow. 101 outer space projects for the evil genius  (2007)

Alan B. Shepard. Moon Shot: The Inside Story Of America’s Race To The Moon. (1994)

Giles Sparrow. Spaceflight: The Complete Story From Sputnik To Shuttle And Beyond. (2007)

Apollo 11, July 20, 1969Apollo 11


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