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Remain Cool

Posted in general by Ellen Bard on July 22, 2010

Johnny D. Boggs–Hard Winter : A Western Story

Gregory Crouch–Enduring Patagonia (NF)

Clive Cussler–Arctic Drift (#20, Dirk Pitt series)

Gretel Ehrlich–This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons In Greenland (NF)

Richard Ellis–On Thin Ice: The Changing World Of The Polar Bear (NF)

Lin Enger–Undiscovered Country

McKay Jenkins–The White Death : Tragedy And Heroism In An Avalanche Zone (NF)

David Guterson–Snow Falling on Cedars

Kristin Hannah–Winter Garden

Peter Hoeg–Smilla’s Sense Of Snow

Ursula K. LeGuin–The Left Hand Of Darkness

George R. R. Martin–A Game Of Thrones

Nancy Mehl–In The Dead Of Winter : A Romance Mystery

Tim Moore–Frost On My Moustache: The Arctic Exploits Of A Lord And A Loafer (NF)

Sarah Moss–Cold Earth

Mikael Niemi–Popular Music From Vittula

Dan Simmons–The Terror

Bill Streever–Cold: Adventures In The World’s Frozen Places (NF)

Richard S. Wheeler–Snowbound


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