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Shark Week!

Posted in nonfiction by Ellen Bard on August 4, 2010

Peter Benchley. Shark trouble : true stories about sharks and the sea (2003)

Mark Carwardine. Shark (2004)

Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Philippe Cousteau. The shark : splendid savage of the sea (1970)

Chris Fallows. Great white : the majesty of sharks (2009)

Richard G. Fernicola.Twelve days of terror : a definitive investigation of the 1916 New Jersey shark attacks (2001)

Michelle Hamer. How it feels to be attacked by a shark : and other amazing life-or-death situations! (2007)

Peter Klimley.The secret life of sharks : a leading marine biologist reveals the mysteries of shark behavior (2003)

John A. Musick and Beverly McMillan.The shark chronicles : a scientist tracks the consummate predator (2002)

Thomas P. Peschak.  South Africa’s great white shark (2006)

Greg Skomal. The shark handbook : the essential guide for understanding the sharks of the world (2008)


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