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August 2-6 is Psychic Week

Posted in general by Ellen Bard on August 6, 2010

Joseph Gangemi. Inamorata : a novel (2004)

Iris Johansen. Pandora’s daughter (2007)

Richard Matheson. A stir of echoes (2004)

The men who stare at goats [DVD recording] (2010)

Miyuki Miyabe ; translated by Deborah Stuhr Iwabuchi. The sleeping dragon (2009)

Natasha Mostert. Season of the witch (2007)

Amanda Quick. Burning lamp (2010)

Lani Diane Rich. The fortune quilt (2007)

Evie Rhodes. Expired (2005)

Dolores Stewart Riccio. Divine circle of ladies making mischief (2005)

George D. Shuman. Second sight : a Sherry Moore novel (2009)

Peter Straub. A dark matter : a novel (2010)

Gary Lee Ward. Two from Tennessee (2005)

Karen White. The girl on Legare Street (2009)

Susan Wilson. The fortune teller’s daughter (2002)


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