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Stockholm Syndrome

Posted in nonfiction by Ellen Bard on August 23, 2010

John Joseph Adams.   The living dead (2008)

Ann Hagedorn Auerbach. Ransom : the untold story of international kidnapping (1998)

William Graebner. Patty’s got a gun : Patricia Hearst in 1970s America (2008)

David Kupelian. How evil works : understanding and overcoming the destructive forces that are transforming America (2010)

Caroline Moorehead. Hostages to fortune : a study of kidnapping in the world today (1980)

Ann Rule. Empty promises : and other true cases (2001)

Christopher Whitcomb.Cold zero : inside the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (2001)

Aug 23–28, 1973. In a botched bank robbery at Stockholm, Sweden, Jan Erik Olsson took four hostages and barricaded himself with them and a friend, Clark Olofsson, in the vault. After a six-day siege, the police piped in gas and the hostages were freed. Afterward, it emerged that the hostages were more afraid of the police than of their captors, and Swedish professor Nils Bejerot coined the term “Stockholm syndrome” to explain the phenomenon of hostages identifying and sympathizing with their captors. *


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