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Fiction About Aging

Posted in general by Ellen Bard on August 20, 2010

August 21: Senior Citizens’ Day

 Julian Barnes. The lemon table (2005)

Laurie Fox. The lost girls : a novel (2004)

Marilyn French. My summer with George (1996)

Full measure : modern short stories on aging (1988)

Gemma Malley. The Declaration (2007)

On Golden Pond [DVD recording](2003)

Joe Ashby Porter. The near future (2006)

Philip Roth. Everyman (2006)

Pamela Redmond Satran. Younger (2005)

Vital signs : international stories on aging (1991)

Daniel Wallace. Ray in reverse (2000)


By the time we got to Woodstock

Posted in general,nonfiction by Ellen Bard on August 17, 2010

Anthony M. Casale and Philip Lerman. Where have all the flowers gone? : the fall and rise of the Woodstock generation, 1989

Jack Curry.Woodstock : the summer of our lives,  1989

Pete Fornatale. Back to the garden : the story of Woodstock, 2009

Jimi Hendrix: live at Woodstock [DVD recording], 2005

Elliott Landy.Woodstock vision : the spirit of a generation , 2009

Michael Lang with Holly George-Warren. The road to Woodstock, 2009

Brad Littleproud and Joanne Hague.Woodstock : peace, music & memories : 40th anniversary , 2009

Joel Makower. Woodstock : the oral history , 1989

Bruce Pollock. By the time we got to Woodstock : the great rock ‘n’ roll revolution of 1969, 2009

Taking Woodstock [DVD recording], 2009

Woodstock : 3 days of peace and music [DVD recording], 2009

Woodstock : an insider’s look at the movie that shook up the world and defined a generation, edited by Dale Bell, 1999

Woodstock : three days that rocked the world, edited by Mike Evans and Paul Kingsbury, 2009

Woodstock Music & Art Fair,  August 15-18, 1969

Prepare for the Perseids.

Posted in general by Ellen Bard on August 11, 2010

Elvis Fiction

Posted in general by Ellen Bard on August 10, 2010

Steve Brewer. Lonely street (1999)

William F. Buckley, Jr. Elvis in the morning (2001)

Steve Carlson. Almost Graceland (2007)

Mark Childress.Tender : a novel (1990)

Carole Nelson Douglas. Cat in a jeweled jumpsuit : a Midnight Louie mystery (1999)

Leanna Ellis. Elvis takes a back seat (2008)

Laura Kalpakian.Graced land (1992)

Daniel Klein. Blue suede clues : a murder mystery featuring Elvis Presley (2002); Viva las vengeance (2003)

Robert S. Levinson.The Elvis and Marilyn affair : a Neil Gulliver and Stevie Marriner novel (2000)

Jonathan Lowy.  Elvis and Nixon : a novel (2001)

Javier Marías ; translated by Esther Allen. Bad nature ; or, with Elvis in Mexico (2010)

Kathryn Stern. Another song about the king : a novel (2000)

Diane Coulter Thomas. The year the music changed : the letters of Achsa McEachern-Isaacs & Elvis Presley (2005)

Elvis Week is August 10-16.

August is National Golf Month

Posted in general by Ellen Bard on August 9, 2010

August 2-6 is Psychic Week

Posted in general by Ellen Bard on August 6, 2010

Joseph Gangemi. Inamorata : a novel (2004)

Iris Johansen. Pandora’s daughter (2007)

Richard Matheson. A stir of echoes (2004)

The men who stare at goats [DVD recording] (2010)

Miyuki Miyabe ; translated by Deborah Stuhr Iwabuchi. The sleeping dragon (2009)

Natasha Mostert. Season of the witch (2007)

Amanda Quick. Burning lamp (2010)

Lani Diane Rich. The fortune quilt (2007)

Evie Rhodes. Expired (2005)

Dolores Stewart Riccio. Divine circle of ladies making mischief (2005)

George D. Shuman. Second sight : a Sherry Moore novel (2009)

Peter Straub. A dark matter : a novel (2010)

Gary Lee Ward. Two from Tennessee (2005)

Karen White. The girl on Legare Street (2009)

Susan Wilson. The fortune teller’s daughter (2002)

John La Carre

Posted in general by Ellen Bard on July 28, 2010

Stephen King’s summer picks

Posted in general by Ellen Bard on July 26, 2010

Here are Stephen King’s six picks for summer reads from Entertainment Weekly.

Calling Machu Picchu

Posted in general by Ellen Bard on July 23, 2010

Remain Cool

Posted in general by Ellen Bard on July 22, 2010

Johnny D. Boggs–Hard Winter : A Western Story

Gregory Crouch–Enduring Patagonia (NF)

Clive Cussler–Arctic Drift (#20, Dirk Pitt series)

Gretel Ehrlich–This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons In Greenland (NF)

Richard Ellis–On Thin Ice: The Changing World Of The Polar Bear (NF)

Lin Enger–Undiscovered Country

McKay Jenkins–The White Death : Tragedy And Heroism In An Avalanche Zone (NF)

David Guterson–Snow Falling on Cedars

Kristin Hannah–Winter Garden

Peter Hoeg–Smilla’s Sense Of Snow

Ursula K. LeGuin–The Left Hand Of Darkness

George R. R. Martin–A Game Of Thrones

Nancy Mehl–In The Dead Of Winter : A Romance Mystery

Tim Moore–Frost On My Moustache: The Arctic Exploits Of A Lord And A Loafer (NF)

Sarah Moss–Cold Earth

Mikael Niemi–Popular Music From Vittula

Dan Simmons–The Terror

Bill Streever–Cold: Adventures In The World’s Frozen Places (NF)

Richard S. Wheeler–Snowbound

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