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By the time we got to Woodstock

Posted in general,nonfiction by Ellen Bard on August 17, 2010

Anthony M. Casale and Philip Lerman. Where have all the flowers gone? : the fall and rise of the Woodstock generation, 1989

Jack Curry.Woodstock : the summer of our lives,  1989

Pete Fornatale. Back to the garden : the story of Woodstock, 2009

Jimi Hendrix: live at Woodstock [DVD recording], 2005

Elliott Landy.Woodstock vision : the spirit of a generation , 2009

Michael Lang with Holly George-Warren. The road to Woodstock, 2009

Brad Littleproud and Joanne Hague.Woodstock : peace, music & memories : 40th anniversary , 2009

Joel Makower. Woodstock : the oral history , 1989

Bruce Pollock. By the time we got to Woodstock : the great rock ‘n’ roll revolution of 1969, 2009

Taking Woodstock [DVD recording], 2009

Woodstock : 3 days of peace and music [DVD recording], 2009

Woodstock : an insider’s look at the movie that shook up the world and defined a generation, edited by Dale Bell, 1999

Woodstock : three days that rocked the world, edited by Mike Evans and Paul Kingsbury, 2009

Woodstock Music & Art Fair,  August 15-18, 1969